David Colquhoun
Technical Director – Programmer – Game Designer


David has worked as a Programmer, Game Designer, Technical Director, Teacher and Graphic Designer at Advertising Agencies and as a Freelancer.

Expert in iOS & Android Apps, Online Advertising, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL Databases, Python, PHP, Apache and Linux.

He has won all the awards and built all the things.

David started building interactive CD-ROMs in 1997 and has made massive multiplayer games, banner ads, mobile apps and responsive HTML websites.

DataSmugglers is David’s company based near New Plymouth, New Zealand.

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, drop David an email at davidc@datasmugglers.com.

Selected Projects


  • tdc
  • oneshow
  • dandad
  • cyber-lion
  • clio
  • axis-gold
  • award