David Colquhoun

A full stack developer with expertise in building everything from large-scale games to effective banner ads.
Ironfell on an IPhone
Available on iPhone, iPad and MacOS
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I built my own massive multiplayer real time strategy game. It's free, it's in the app store.

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I started building interactive CD-ROMs in 1997 and have made massive multiplayer games, banner ads, mobile apps and responsive HTML websites.


I've worked as a Programmer, Game Designer, Technical Director, Teacher and Graphic Designer at Advertising Agencies and as a Freelancer.


I'm expert in iOS & Android Apps, Online Advertising, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL Databases, Python, PHP, Apache and Linux.

2022: Wordpress, React, HTML/CSS/JavaScript

TBWA Worldwide Site

Digital Arts Network NZ \ TBWA

Bespoke Wordpress Theme over a year in the making, working with people in 6 different countries, one of the most complex websites I have ever built. Bespoke Wordpress Theme, with every element of the site a custom block.

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Handcoded, Animate, GWD, Dynamic.

Banner Ads

I really like making Banner Ads. They are nice little parcels of pretty that take a few hours to make and then on to the next one.

2022: Kotlin, Python, PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS/JavaScript

Days of Thumbder

Digital Arts Network \ 2degrees

Instore installation of a 2 player realtime racing game using Samsung phones as controllers. Tilt the phones to steer, tap on the screen to accelerate. Custom built a Python socket server, JavaScript game server for the TV screen, and Kotlin apps on the Android phones.

2022: PHP, HTML/CSS/JavaScript

Powered by Place

Callaghan Innovation

Explore New Zealand AgriTech companies using a custom made search, filter and map interface.

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2022: NationBuilder, HTML/CSS/JavaScript

Kylea Tink

Common Ventures

Complete redesign and rebuild of an existing NationBuilder website in the run up to the 2022 election. After the site went live Tink won the North Sydney seat.

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2022: Wordpress, PHP, HTML/CSS/JavaScript

NZ At Venice
Paradise Camp

Digital Arts Network \ Creative NZ

An interactive website to support Yuki Kihara's exhibit at the the Venice Biennale in 2022. Using Tensorflow image classification on phones to recognize artworks at the exhibit, and display additional information about them.

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2021: Raspberry Pi, Python, PHP, HTML/CSS/JavaScript

2degrees 5G Bike

Digital Arts Network \ Creative NZ

Instore installation using an exercise bike connected to a Raspberry Pi and TV screen. Can you ride the bike faster than 5G?

2019: Swift, Python, PHP, HTML/CSS/JavaScript

2degrees Birthday

Online game and in store installation of 10 realtime network connected iPhones. Fastest person to tap all 10 candles (one candle on each phone) wins!  From concept to live in under a month.

2Degrees Birthday Game
2015: 3D in a mobile or desktop browser.


This is a WebGL 3D demo I made back in 2015. The internet need needs more of this.

Open Random Land
Random Land
2013: Lead Programmer, Shopify


Fully custom responsive online store and brand site built on top of Shopify.

2010: Lead Programmer, Flash ActionScript

V Evolution

A beautiful series of mini-games combined into one epic browser based journey.
For ColensoBBDO.

V Evolution
2008: Technical Director, PHP, FFMPEG, HTML

Burton Snobile

Chinese and english mobile campaign that allowed users to upload video from their mobile phone and have it transformed into a snow filled environment with snow landing on surfaces within the video. This was made before iPhones even existed.

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2006: Bespoke PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript


I built a bespoke CMS and front end for Kevin Robert’s (CEO WorldWide of Saatchi & Saatchi) site.

2002: Technical Director, Flash ActionScript


Online mini games using codes printed on milk bottles were used to enhance the games and populate Anchorville itself with new features and characters. For Saatchi & Saatchi NZ.

2000: Cinema Ad, Programmer Animator.

The Riot of Spring

A three minute typographic - cinematic expression of sheet music, based on Igor Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring”. The cinema commercial was a Saatchi & Saatchi Wellington initative, art directed by Len Cheeseman, produced for the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.

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